Dennis Stark, Ph.D. & Associates

Employee / Client Opinion Surveys


Understand What Your Employees / Clients Really Think About Your Company

   Stark & Associates' Employee / Client Opinion Surveys provide:  

  • An early warning system - uncovering concerns before they become major issues
  • Complete coverage - management has the opportunity to ask employees / clients questions in all major areas of concern and employees / clients have an opportunity to respond
  • Benchmarks - so that management can track the progress it is making in addressing  employee / client concerns
  • Anonymity - so that employees / clients will be encouraged to give their complete and honest views and opinions
  • Information on what management is doing right - things that employees/clients are already satisfied with
  • Information on what management is doing wrong - so that needed improvements can be made
  • Clear action plans on a department by department basis - so management can more easily follow through on meritorious suggestions and recommendations
  • Clear proof to employees / clients that management is actively listening and responding to their concerns and is truly committed to improvement


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